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Mindfulness – Slow Down and Be

Mindfulness aims to help you see things as they really are and start from there. It’s not about avoiding things or emptying your mind. It’s about moving your attention so that you can start to see your problems with a bit more perspective. Seeing things with clarity, not distorted or exaggerated or coloured by emotion. It will allow you to respond to things wisely, with more skillfulness and strategy giving yourself time to trust your judgement.

Download the colouring sheets

Handout – Be thankful for…


Grounding Practice – 5 Mins:


Mindfulness of Breathing – 8 Mins:


Mindfulness of Breathing – 16 Mins:


Mindful walking – 14 Mins:


Introduction to the body scan – 3 Mins:


The Body Scan – 15 mins:


The Body Scan – 25 mins:


Kindness to Yourself Meditation – 11 Mins:


Kindness to Others  (Loving Kindness) Meditation – 20 Mins:



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