Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Passwords

How do I register?

Click the Register Menu item which is usually on the home page and also the top menu. We recommend you bookmark the main site address as we run many different websites.
You will then go to a page entitled “Create Your Account”. You need to complete all the sections requested and press continue registration. You will then get a Privacy Information pop up – you need to review the content then tick the box (if you agree) and finally click “Complete Registration”.

If you are taken back to the “Create Your Account” page it is because there is a query with something you have filled in e.g. the passwords don’t match or you haven’t added a code when this is required– make sure you have completed all the sections.

You will need to tick the privacy box and click complete registration again.

You will then be taken to the “Complete Your Registration” page to choose your options – once you have done this you can complete the registration

Depending on what site you use, there may be additional pages to complete to “Choose Your Course” – choose the course you want and click the box then press continue.

Upgrading your course access

Most courses can be upgraded to add extra features like:

  • Access linked books to read online
  • Access additional course modules (Optional modules and You Time)
  • Add extra features (text reminders)
  • Add interactivity (some courses only) allowing you to type into the worksheets or books.

This upgrade is usually paid – and you choose to do this during the registration process or later. If you have been given a code to use when you register this provides you access to certain courses and resources as selected by the supporting organisation.

My Supporter has given me a code to enter when I register but it is not working?

Be careful when copying and pasting your code from an email into the website as it may pick up unseen spaces. You only use the code once when you are registering. If you have already registered, sign in with your email and password. If you have tried these options and your code is still ‘invalid’ please contact your support worker. Some teams offering login codes also provide you with a separate User ID. Please make sure you enter the correct information in the correct box.

How do I log back in?

Click “Sign In Now” which is on the home page, or “Login” which is at the top menu of each site.

Email already registered but want to register for a different type of course?

The way our sites are programmed make it not possible to use the same email address on more than one site – you can use another email address (e.g. a Gmail address). That would get around the issue and allow you access (unless you are set up as a supporter in which case you need to be using an official work email address e.g.

I am trying to register but I get a message saying that this email address is already used?

You have probably already registered on another of our web sites/courses. The way our system works you can only register on a site using a new email address. If you want to use another of our websites (most often if you are a service lead reviewing different sites), then you need to use a different email address for each one (e.g. use a new Gmail email if you have previously used another existing one).

How do I reset my password?

Click the login menu item on the top menu of each site. Select “Forgotten Your Password” and reset your password. If a user account exists with that address, you’ll receive an e-mail shortly with further instructions.

If you don’t receive it within a few minutes, check your “Junk Mail” folder, in case it has dropped into there.

Note: This password change request remains effective for 24 hours. If it is not used in that time, you must submit your request again.

I haven’t received a password reset?

There may be number of reasons why this problem is occurring:
1. We run a number of websites. Make sure that this is the website that you registered on.
2. Did you register with a different email address?
3. Is your password reset email sitting in your junk mail box?
4. The email sent out has a link that you click to enable you to reset your password. This is only valid for 24 hours. If it has  been over 24 hours since you requested your password reset you will need to request another password reset.
If you still have problems after checking the three suggestions above please contact us via our Contact Us page

Supporter and Facilitator FAQs

I’m a supporter/facilitator – how can I run the classes face to face or via remote working?

You can apply for a license to deliver the classes from

I want to be set up as a supporter - how do I arrange this?

Supporters need to be set up by email request by a manager as agreed by Five Areas Limited. This only applies in situations where a Supporter agreement and access is in place.

Contact us if this is something that you want to arrange.

Getting Started

How do I get started on the course?

When you log in you see a dashboard/home page – this is where you navigate the course. We recommend you start with the Welcome module – the first module you will see visible in the course list. Sometimes you may need to click to expand  the course list menu.

The Welcome module gives you an overview of how to use the course. The main course modules are then clustered below this in the module list- either the main Course ones alone, or if you have upgraded/entered a valid code, you will also see the Optional modules list and You Time modules

The main course modules- covering topics like Why do I feel so bad/Understanding your feelings etc.- are designed to be worked through roughly once a week. The modules also have linked worksheets to complete (you can write into these online if you have an upgraded account), – and optional recommended books (which will be unlocked if you have upgraded so you can read them).

Some modules also have recommended videos you can watch – and these are all visible when you work through a module. They are also separately accessed via the Books/Worksheets and Courses tab at the top menu. The Courses menu provides a clear idea of what’s available.

a). Core course- we recommend working through a module about once every few days – and apply/practice what is being learned.
b). Optional modules – can be done at any time- just pick topics of interest. 
c). You Time: short 10 minutes of fun and information for when time is short e.g. a lunch break.
This includes Tension Control Training- something we recommend you try and see of you’d enjoy using every day.
d). Support: You will also receive automated weekly support emails (unless you have turned them off in your dashboard) – which aim to remind and encourage you to use the site.

Using the Course and Selecting Different Courses

Moving between slides

When you have chosen a module you will see a screen that has an arrow at the bottom left hand side, and a second arrow at the bottom right hand side. The number of the slide is shown in the top right-hand side of the screen.

If you click these arrows they take you back and forth between the slides.
When the current slide ends you click on the arrow on the bottom right hand side of the screen to take you to the next slide.

I am getting a ‘Whoops’ page?

If you are seeing our red ‘whoops page’ this may because you have been logged out of the website or you are trying to access material that requires a subscription.

If you want to access a book, video or additional course module that is not part of your free courses there is a “Buy It Now” button next to each resource that will take you to the subscription page.

If you log back into the website and still see the ‘whoops page’ we suggest that you clear your internet browser history by holding down the control (Ctrl) button on your keyboard, then pressing F5 (Windows machines). If you are using a smart phone or tablet, you can clear your internet browser history within your settings.

Can I print out the online books or course modules?

Unfortunately, not. The Terms & Conditions of use for this site does not allow the saving or printing of any of the course other than the PDF worksheets and the Tension Control Training audio resources. These are located under the “My Resources” tab.

I prefer to have physical copies of the books, where do I get these?

Please visit where you can purchase physical copies of all our books.

I have a Kindle and iPhone, can I read the books on here?

Most of our books are available as iBooks and on Kindle, please visit to find out more.

Selecting a different course

If you are registered to view more than one course, and would like to change course then go to the dashboard when you are logged in (click LLTTF courses at the top left hand of the page to take you to the dashboard).

Scroll to the bottom of the page and on the bottom of the list of courses on the left hand side you will see the following:

Have your interests changed? If so, you may wish to change your active course.

Click on change your active course.

You should now be able to choose another course.

Book page number not matching page numbers referenced in module audio.

Book page number not matching page numbers referenced in module audio.

If you’re using physical or ebooks alongside the modules in the online course, you may find the page numbers in your book don’t match up with the page you are being directed to in the module audio.

Try not to let this distract you, it’s due to there being newer editions of the books. Usually you can flip forwards or backwards a few page to find the content that is being talked about.

Unsubscribing from Email Supports and Deleting your Account.

How do I update my email address?

Login and choose the “My Account Menu” item. Update your email address there.

Unsubscribe from receiving emails

To unsubscribe from the weekly email supports you need to login to the website and then switch off the email subscription in your dashboard area. There is a blue button to toggle to off – and this will disable the emails you would receive.

Unsubscribe from newsletters

Please be aware you need to separately unsubscribe from our newsletters using the “Unsubscribe” link held within them.

Delete your account

To delete your account (not just the reminder emails) please contact us and request that your account be deleted. We will arrange for this to be carried out and email you when this has been completed. Use the “Contact Us” form, located at the bottom of the page or at Please be clear you are requesting us to delete your account. Requests to unsubscribe are interpreted by us as meaning you wish to unsubscribe from the routine support emails.

NB: In certain circumstances we will direct you to the organisation that is supporting you to facilitate the deletion of your account. This would, for example, occur when you are using a site which collects questionnaire data on behalf of an organisation. They are the Data Owners in that case, and your request for data deletion should be addressed directly to them.

There are certain other types of data we cannot delete such as your financial details associated with the purchase and payment of subscriptions as these are required to be reported for taxation purposes. For more details of how we process your data see our “Privacy Policy” at, also located at the bottom of the page.


Any Other Questions?

Please feel free to drop us a line via our Contact Us page.

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