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LLTTF Worksheets

Agenda Sheet

Why do I feel as I do?
The cards life deals you – Step by step analysis of what changes when we feel worse.
The vicious cycle – Work out how events, thoughts, feelings, physical feelings and activity affect each other.

Making Effective Plans
Planner sheet – Making clear plans.
Review Sheet – Reviewing what happened, so your client can Plan, Do and Review.

Mood Ratings
Smiley faces Mood scale – Review the impact of activities as well as keep an eye on their progress.

Improving Mood (Behavioural Activation)
My Happy list – What activities improve mood (pleasure, achievement, closeness).
Checklist – The things you’ve stopped doing – Identifies activities that have been cut down/lost. Can they be reintroduced to improve life?
My Activity Planner – Build helpful activities across the day and week.
10 things you can do to feel happier straight away – Some more ideas of activities that can help.

The Things we do That Mess us Up (Unhelpful Behaviours)
The things you do that mess you up Traffic light sheet – Move away from red (danger) activities towards amber and green (helpful) activities.
The things you do that mess you up checklist
The things you do that help checklist

Confidence and Assertiveness
I’m not good enough (confidence head) worksheet
The 12 Rules of assertiveness
My OK Things list

1 2 3 Breathe (anger and irritability) – What pushes buttons and gets us annoyed. List ways of responding more helpfully.

Problem Solving
Easy 4 Step Plan (Problem solving) – Tackle external problems using a step by step approach.

Changing Unhelpful and Upsetting Thinking
My Unhelpful Thoughts – Pick a time when you feel bad- then ask “what’s going through my mind?”
Bad thought spotter – Label the type of bad thought- and spot thinking habits that recur.
Amazing Bad Thought Busting Programme (ABTBP) – Relate differently to upsetting thinking.
Amazing Unhelpful Thought Busting Programme

Facing Fears / Anxiety
Face It Planning Sheet – Facing avoided activities in a planned step by step way.

Tension Control Training
Tension Control Training (TCT) Information sheet – Teaches key skills to enhance relaxation (mental and physical).

Worry Strips

For Members of the Public


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