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Tension Control Training

Everyone from time to time faces the challenge of stressful life events, or the everyday hassles that can add up to cause distress.

Tension Control Training (TCT) comes in two forms:

  1. TCT 1 – Where you get to learn a useful form of relaxation and meditation where you focus around your body and breathing, and finally choose to focus your mind on something you find relaxing.
  2. TCT 2 – This covers the same content as TCT 1 but has a different ending. This second ending moves you away form your relaxed, calm scene and encourages you to form an image of a situation that is slightly stressful.

Members of the public:

TCT Information sheet – Read this first to understand how to use the resources.


TCT Script for Supporters – This provides the script for you to lead your own TCT 1&2 sessions, or record them for your clients if you wish.



TCT 1 Audio


Download: Tension Control Training TCT-1 Audio file


TCT 2 Audio


Download: Tension Control Training TCT-2 Audio file

For Members of the Public


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