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Using the Living Life to the Full Resources

Lots of people are using the LLTTF courses by themselves. The key is working through the content- and then applying what you are learning in your own life. As you’ll be aware, sometimes any of us find there are times when we can make changes happen and stick, and there are other times in our life when that is more difficult.

So, perhaps one thing you could do is start off and give it a go. Try the Welcome/getting started module- this covers key information like trying to get into a pattern of Plan-Do and Review by using the Planner and Review sessions. The Planner system allows you to make plans, and set a reminder by email (free system) or text (if you’ve upgraded). You can also go to the dashboard and choose to select the weekly reminder emails to help you stay on track. If you find things are going well with that approach, then keep at it.

If you find you struggle or get stuck, that’s where sometimes having someone else to keep you on track can help. That could be a Supporter/Coach, but also you may have other trusted people like a friend of family member who could do the course at the same time as you, and you could both discuss through what you are learning – and be support encouragers.

If you live in Scotland and are over 16 years old, it’s possible to get added support for free from NHS Living Life. The people working there should be aware of the website and be able to offer suggestions as you use the site. You can contact NHS Living life at:

Living Life | NHS 24  or Phone 0800 328 9655 (Monday to Friday: 1pm – 9pm).

Finally, if you live elsewhere, you can contact a private CBT coach who are accredited with BABCP, the lead body for CBT in the UK. The site to visit is:

CBT Register UK | The online register of CBT therapists for the UK and Ireland

For more tips on getting started with your Living Life to the Full Course download worksheet 15 ways to get the most from the session or book.

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