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Mark Lau Study – Canada

Project: “Evaluation of a cognitive behavior therapy program for BC primary care patients with mild to moderate depression with or without anxiety: Bounce Back, 2008–2014” by Lau, M.A. and Davis, S. (2019)

Target group: Patients referred to the Bounce Back program in British Columbia, Canada. The average age of participants referred to Bounce Back was 44.5 years, and the sample contained more women (74%) than men (26%).

Settings: Data were collected for 25338 patients with closed cases who were referred to Bounce Back from 1 July 2008 to 31 March 2014 in British Columbia, Canada.

Intervention: The CBT intervention offered by Bounce Back is delivered in a series of workbooks based on the Five Areas resource “Overcoming Depression, Low Mood and Anxiety: A Five Areas Approach”.

Support offered: The workbooks were complemented by four 15-20 minute telephone coaching provided by trained support workers. Two booster sessions were also offered to participants in the 6 months following completion of the program.

Outcomes: Participants had significantly reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety following the intervention.

The recovery rate was 68.5%, based on 5537 participants who initially had symptoms of depression, anxiety, or both, and 3794 participants who no longer had clinical symptoms after completing the program.

What else?  Quality of life was significantly improved following completion of the Bounce Back programme.


“Bounce back is allowing for earlier and easier access and better matching of service intensity to need, and thus reducing the mental health treatment gap”

Lau and Davis – 2019


Peer reviewed published journal article available here:

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