Urgent Help

Feel Suicidal?

It doesn’t matter who you are – if you feel suicidal, please reach out for help now. If you are not sure whether help will help, read the following book, it could save your life.

Read I feel so bad I can’t go on.

If you are in crisis, despairing or suicidal, contacting one of the agencies below can make all the difference.

The Living Life to The Full website does not provide direct clinical support, but if you are having a feeling panicky right now, try reading our free online book In Case of Panic.

Help me I am feeling scared right now!

The following information is provided as a useful source of advice.

Getting Extra Help

For UK-based users, if you are looking for extra support or advice urgently, there are a number of services you can approach:


You can speak in total confidence about anything that is troubling you.

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