Introducing the Living life to the full for SAD course – for people who experience a pattern of feeling worse in the winter months.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects large numbers of people, and can be debilitating and limiting, resulting in emotional challenges, lowered mood, and feelings of anxiety in the winter months.

The creation of the course was led by the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh working with the LLTTF® team and funded by the ESRC (the Economic and Social Research Council). The course has been informed by interviews and the shared experiences of people affected by low winter light.



  • Understanding SAD: Why do you feel as you do?
  • Understanding winter thinking-: What do you see?
  • A winter room of my making: creating your cosy space for winter
  • My daily winter routine: Doing things that make you feel better
  • Looking at things differently: Changing unhelpful thoughts
  • Relationships in winter – Socialising my SAD self
  • Wintering well with food and exercise

Plus a Lived experience course.


To access the course:

  1. Visit (NB: no need to add www)
  2. Register using the code to unlock the SAD resources when asked to input your code during the registration process:

Code:        llttfsad

3. Get started changing your life!


WATCH A VIDEO – You can watch a video introducing the LLTTF SAD online course by clicking this link


Please click this link to take you to the registration page. 


a photo of a ppt slide from llttf's online module

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