What you’ll get


Living Life Course

For feelings of low mood, anxiety or stress -an empowering and practical way of learning key life skills, to combat symptoms of anxiety and low mood.


The Modules:



An introduction to provide key information to get the most from this approach

Why Do I Feel So Bad?


Understand the impact of distress on five key areas of our life and discover how to change things around.

I can’t be bothered doing anything


Feel better by getting going again and changing what you spend time on.

Why does everything always go wrong?


Learn to change upsetting thoughts and improve how you are.

I’m not good enough

notgoodenoughBuild confidence and feel better about yourself.

How to fix almost everything

howtofixalmosteverythingTackle the problems that life throws at you, one step at a time.

The things you do that mess you up

messyouupOvercome back-firing behaviours that worsen how you feel.

Are you strong enough to keep your temper?

keepyourtemperGain control over anger or irritability in 3 steps.

10 things to make you feel happier straight away.

10thingsFollow the ten small steps and you’ll be well on your way.

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