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Living Life to the Full Young People  – Training, Licence and Book Discounted Package

Access discounts on books and training when this package is purchased. Our popular Living Life to the Full course has been adapted for those aged 13-18 years. This training package can be delivered for Young Person Supporters. The course is offered in many different ways to support service need and young people’s different learning styles. It can be accessed online, via face to face classes run by Young People Supporters or Teachers upon purchasing a license or used one to one in book form, which can be used as its own intervention or to accompany the online or class sessions.

This bundle includes:

1.     1-day online live training for up to 25 participants on Teaching the LLTTF Young People classes

2.     LLTTF Young People Combined Books: at reduced cost as a bulk buy (click here to see more details of the Young People Combined Book)

3.     A 1-year Young People class teaching licence – Up to 3 staff members in your local team can access the class teaching resources to deliver the class to members of the public/your clients (click here to see our shop for more details of the licence)

Examples of packages are below – speak to us to order or to find out more and build a package that suits your team – contact orders@llttf.com  for more details

Package cost: Usual price Special offer on top of bulk price discount for books Saving
Training, licence + 2 books  £    1,799.98  £ 1,619.98  £    180.00
Training, licence + 10 books  £    1,899.90  £ 1,709.91  £    189.99
Training, licence + 25 books  £    2,069.75  £ 1,862.78  £    206.98
Training, licence + 50 books  £    2,319.50  £ 2,087.55  £    231.95
Training, licence + 100 books  £    2,820.00  £ 2,538.00  £    282.00
Training, licence + 250 books  £    4,207.50  £ 3,786.75  £    420.75
Training, licence + 500 books  £    6,270.00  £ 5,643.00  £    627.00
Training, licence + 1000 books  £  10,270.00  £ 9,243.00  £ 1,027.00



For Members of the Public

For Members of the Public


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