remploy2Mental health problems such as anxiety and depression are known to be higher in those who are unemployed. Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is a recognised support for people with such problems and can improve the ability of people to get back to work.

Since 1945 Remploy – The UK’s leading provider in disability employment services have provided those experiencing complex barriers to work to get sustainable employment opportunities. Remploy are offering the Living Life to the Full classes alongside their one to one employment support which have proven to be a great success.

Alma Smith one of Remploy’s Employment Consultants gave us permission to share her feedback:

“We recently held the first programme of Living Life to the Full classes in Remploy’s Edinburgh Branch. Overall, 5 people attended the course. Two candidates have now moved into employment (one after 20+ years and 5 years out of work) and the other, who suffered a panic attack the first time she attended the branch and was asked to join a group introductory session, has enrolled for a course of vocational training and has lost two and a half stone in weight. 

Two candidates had reported having a problem keeping their temper and both reported that they had not lost their temper in weeks and felt they had gained a measure of control over their feelings. 

One man who was particularly negative about things and who suffered from anxiety and lack of confidence to the level where he could not express himself properly successfully passed an interview and is starting work after a 5 year period of being out of work.

All of the candidates were reluctant to attend a group session, much preferring to work on a one to one basis, but by the end of the classes all were contributing to the discussions without reserve. I would say the greatest benefit to all the candidates was the emphasis on the future rather than the past. I can’t really describe here all the ways in which the different classes helped the attendees; all I can say is that I look forward to running another course in our Glasgow Branch later this year as I have no doubt of its value to our candidate group”.

Furthermore we are carrying out some research on the use of alongside Remploy. Participants recruited via Remploy will receive either immediate or delayed access to the Living Life online computerised CBT intervention. Levels of depression, anxiety, social functioning, and employment status, will be assessed. This will be the first study to evaluate computerised CBT self-help resources specifically for depression in those seeking employment delivered with LI support/guidance in this type of back to work environment. Participants will work through the online modules in the Remploy offices either on their own or as part of a group with a trained Remploy facilitator. Results of the study to come soon.


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