Most of us can feel overwhelmed from time to time by the situations we face in life. Sometimes it’s all focused on one large problem – like debt, facing redundancy at work, or a family crisis. Other times it might be we just get ground down by one issue after another. Each one by itself might be something we could cope with, but when they keep coming day after day all these smaller hassles can all feel too much. Problems can feel like mountains – so large – where can you even start? In fact the best way to get over a mountain is to break it down into steps. The same applies to problems. So use the suggestions below to get started on your problem. Take a series of small, steady steps and you will get there.





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Step 1: Identify and clearly define the problem as precisely as possible. Break it into chunks.

Step 2: Think of creative ways to tackle the first chunk. Think up as many solutions as possible to achieve your initial goal. Include ridiculous ideas as well.

Step 3: Look at the advantages and disadvantages of each possible solution. Then choose and idea, and make a plan to do it.

Step 4: Check the plan, and put it into action. Are you aiming at just one thing? Is it realistic? Is it slow? Is it easy? Are you ready to unblock it? Then carry out the plan. Whatever happens, learn from it. That way your plans get better and better over time.

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