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We have a wide range of online mental and physical well-being resources including online courses, digital books, video, worksheets and more – all using an educational life skills approach based on the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach. Written by experts in teaching, CBT, educational design and supported by research and implementation experience, our courses offer approachable content delivered in accessible ways. Using a mobile first design, our online training courses can be used where you want when you want.


Our Online Courses include:

  • The Living Life to the Full online course covering key topics relevant at times someone feels stressed or low in mood.
  • Reclaim Your Life aims to help people understand the impact of illness in their lives and discover the practitcal tools they can use to improve how they feel.
  • The Enjoy Series of Courses – Enjoy Your Bump (pregnancy), Enjoy Your Baby (the first 12 month of life) and Enjoy Your Infant (the toddler years).
  • Fix Your Drinking Problem – A course for those with low-end drinking problems who are realising that drink is beginning to cause them issues.

ccbt2We have a range of other courses that focus on specific groups e.g. those living in farming comunities, those living in unstable housing such as hostels, and for parents supporting children facing life threatening illness.

Both free access and an upgraded ‘Plus’ course with additional features are available. ‘Plus’ features additional modules, ‘You Time’ modules, planner, review and reminder systems, plus the ability to self-rate how you are, and monitor progress of topics relevant to the individual. Additional features include the ability to type into worksheets, add Notes into books and more.


Want to introduce our life skills programs into your service or school?

Our sophisticated digital platform has the option to deliver a wide range of cutting-edge technological support features:

  1. Designed for mobiles with a responsive design, yet works well on desktop and laptop machines. Multi platform and multi browser.ccbt
  2. Optional supporter zone to monitor client progress and leave messages in their dashboard.
  3. A unique blended learning approach so people can learn the way they want to learn – book, module or video.
  4. Bespoke websites with your own logo, colours, and evaluation measures can be added.
  5. High levels of security with data encryption of personal data. NHS Toolkit compliant


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Further information: To review our evidence please visit our evidence base page.


Private Practitioner or Sole Trader?
We have a range of user friendly online courses that can help private practitioners coach and support individuals of all ages in an engaging and effective way. Visit our shop to review our resources and prices.

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