How do I know the course is good?

1.Course content teaches life skills based on the evidence based cognitive behavioural therapy approach.

2. Written by a highly qualified doctor and specialist in CBT – award winning author Professor Chris Williams is President of the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies and a recognised teacher/trainer.

3. One of the most recommended courses in the NHS. Over twice as many clinical services (IAPT) and mental health trusts in England recommend it compared to the second most recommended product.

4. Content evaluated in research trials- Living Life to the Full classes and many of our other approaches have been subject to randomised controlled trials. See our research here.

5. One of the world’s most used CBT life skills programs – widely used in the UK, EU and in North America.

6. Designed with accessibility in mind. the site delivers teaching in different ways aiming to blend together different learning styles. The design and communication of the resources have all been carefully considered to communicate key information and skills in an easily understood way. At the same time we understand that change can be hard- so we also deliver a range of support options for the people you work with.

7. Data security. We take this very seriously. We use industry best practice and regularly review our processes. we are registered under the data protection act, and store all our data in the European Union. We analyse for cyber attacks. Please remember your role also in choosing passwords your can remember but also keep safe.

8.We listen and try to be responsive – though please do remember we are a small business, sometimes there may be delays. Unfortunately, we are only able to offer support for technical issues – rather than providing life advice.

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