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Reclaim Your Life

It’s all about understanding one truth: you are bigger than your problems. Which means they needn’t stop you doing things, experiencing things, loving, laughing, tasting and living life. What you do is make changes to the way you think and act, creating a new relationship between your illness and yourself that separates who you are from what you’ve got.


Core Course (Free to Access) - Click to Dropdown
Getting ready for change – Learn how the Reclaim Your Life course can help.

Starting out – Get going again in a way that helps you physically and mentally.

Next steps- Frequent thoughts of illness and other worries? Discover ways of re-focusing your mind.

Keeping going – Feeling in a rut? Now’s the time to start some things.

Boost how you feel – Long term symptoms leaving you feeling frustrated and ground down? Break this vicious cycle.

The power of sleep- Tried and tested approaches to rediscover a healthy sleeping pattern.

Become a more effective carer – Learn what helps and what makes things worse.

Tension Control – Master how to relax your body and achieve a state of calm control.

Optional Modules (only available when upgrading at registration) - Click to Dropdown
Getting a better night’s sleep – A key to a good day is a good night’s sleep

Facing fears and tackling avoidance – Face your fears step by step

Eat Well – Food choices that make you feel good

Asking for what you need – We all sometimes need more help- here’s how to ask for it assertively

The things you do that help – Identify and continue helpful activities

What about sex? Planning some adult time back into your life

Irritability and anger – Gain control over your anger or irritability in 3 steps

Fix your drinking problem in 2 days – To help those who are drinking too much get back a sense of control by making small steady changes

Stop smoking in five minutes- Helps you deal with craving 5 minutes at a time

You, Me and Us – For people struggling in their relationship. The session will help you work on changing things or to choose to leave

Planning for the future – Learn how to stay well after the course

You Time Modules (only available when upgrading at registration) - Click to Dropdown
Do a WOW walk – The World’s an amazing place – look at it with fresh eyes today

Take a mindful moment – Helping create an oasis of peace in your life

10 things you do can to feel happier straight away – 10 small steps to feeling fitter and happier

Be kind to yourself – It’s so easy to be mean to ourselves, learn how to do the opposite

Be thankful – Remind yourself of what makes you smile

Get moving – Release those feel good hormones

Help someone out – Who will you help to make them and you feel happier?

Get the rhythm – Music cheers you up, so why suffer in silence?

Tension control training – A way to relax your body and mind

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With free courses covering low mood and stress and all of the most common linked problems this causes. Work out why you feel as you do, how to tackle problems, build confidence, get going again, feel happier, stay calm, tackle upsetting thinking and more. Try these sample sessions now. Just click one that interests you or fits how you feel.

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