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Living Life to the Full Without Walls

Written by Dr Chris Williams, a medical Doctor and Emeritus Professor of Psychosocial Psychiatry at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, this course provides emotional support for those at times of change, who’ve left prison or with unsettled housing.

This course will help you work out why you feel as you do- and to find ways of changing things round for the good.


Course 1: Living Life Without Walls - ‘5 modules to bring about key changes in your life’ - Click to Dropdown
Welcome: Key information on how to make the resources work for you

Understanding Your Feelings: Find out key information about what makes you tick

Doing things that make you feel better: Plan activities that make you feel happier

Looking at things differently: Learn how to change negative or stressful thinking

How to fix almost everything: Break problems down into manageable chunks

Tension Control Training: Teaches a way to relax your body and mind

Course 2: Understanding Feelings - ‘Look at common scenarios that can affect how we feel and how to turn the situation around’ - Click to Dropdown
Friends Rejection: Invited for coffee at a friend’s house who you haven’t seen for a while but are being left out of the conversation

Address: Need to see the Doctor but you are unable to provide the receptionist with an address to register you at the surgery

Final Demand: Receive final demands in the post from loans you have taken out

Body Image: Getting ready for night out and you look in the mirror and don’t feel good about yourself

Bullying: You are in an unstable relationship. Your partner shouts at you, asking you where you have been, say they hate you and get in your personal space

Alcohol: You have been trying to give up alcohol. You are invited to friend’s house and they are all drinking and encourage you to have one too

Career: It’s been 7 years since you have had a job and the Job Centre has asked for you to work with an advisor to apply for some jobs


Drugs: Friends taking illegal drugs and they tease and encourage you to try them too


Pregnancy: You take a pregnancy test and it comes back positive but your relationship with the father hasn’t been a good one

Sleep with me: New relationship and your partner is forcing the issue that they want to sleep with you, but you are unsure and feel pressured

Divorce Your Dad: You have decided to split up and you need to tell your children you are moving out

Divorce You: Partner tells you they have feelings for someone else and that they are leaving

Lonely: Beth has been begging on the street but people just ignore her, she feels isolated, upset and lonely

Mocking: Adam sometimes ends up sleeping on the streets, school kids walk past, laugh at Adam and look at him in disgust

Invisible: Chloe has been begging on the street to get money to help her situation but people walk past and ignore her as if she was invisible

Clean: The Job Centre call and tell Chloe she has an interview but she has had no access to hot water for a proper wash

Police: Police find Adam drunk and shouting at people at his local shops, Adam is given a caution

Approached by a man: Chloe has been begging on the street for money. A man offers her £20 in return for her stealing clothes for him from a department store.

Course 3: Optional Modules - Click to Dropdown
Stop Smoking in 5 minutes: Helps you deal with craving 5 minutes at a time

Fix Your Drinking: To help those who are drinking too much get back a sense of control by making small steady changes

You me and us: For people struggling in their relationship. The session will help you work on changing things or to choose to leave

Asking for what you need: Being assertive and respecting what both you and others have to say

Eat well: Food choices that make you feel good

Facing fears and tackling avoidance: Face your fears step by step

Getting a better night’s sleep: A key to a good day is a good night’s sleep

Irritability and anger: Sort out your feelings of irritability and anger

The things you do that mess you up: How some things we think help are actually part of the problem

The things you do that help: Identify and continue helpful activities

Course 4: You Time - Click to Dropdown
10 things you can do: 10 small steps to feeling fitter and happier.

Be kind to yourself: It’s so easy to be mean to ourselves, learn how to do the opposite.

Be thankful: Remind yourself of what makes you smile.

Do a Wow Walk: The world’s an amazing place- look at it with fresh eyes today

Get Moving: Release those feel good hormones

Get the rhythm: Music cheers you up, so why suffer in silence?

Help someone out: Who will you help to make them and you happier?

Take a mindful moment: Helping create an oasis of peace in your life

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