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Living Life to the Full for Carers with Children or Young People Facing Illness

Written by Dr Chris Williams, a medical Doctor and Emeritus Professor of Psychosocial Psychiatry at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, this course will help you think about how your child’s illness or long term health condition is affecting you – and help you make some key changes in how you offer them support, that can make a real difference to how you feel.

The course also covers how your child can live their life to the full despite their illness, and how to make time for you, your partner and other children in your family.

The course has been developed based on detailed advice from expert staff working with parents and carers in Robin House Children’s Hospice in Balloch just outside Glasgow.


Core Course: LLTTF for carers of children & young people facing illness - Click to Dropdown
Getting ready for change: Step by step work out how illness is affecting you & your family.

Doing things that make you feel better: Plan activities that make you feel happier.

Looking at things differently: Learn how to change negative or stressful thinking.

How to offer the support they need: This session aims to get you talking about how you can offer the best help.

Managing anger and irritability: Learn a 3 steps system to manage anger

Asking for what you need: Being assertive and respecting what both you and others have to say.

Course 2: Optional Modules - Click to Dropdown
Stop Smoking in 5 minutes: Helps you deal with cravings 5 minutes at a time

Feeling good about yourself: Overcoming low confidence

Fix Your Drinking in 2 days: To help those who are drinking too much get back a sense of control

Improving relationships under pressure: The session will help you work on changing things & how to work together.

Eat well: Food choices that make you feel good

How to respond to difficult behaviours: Make sense of why your child reacts the way they do & how we respond

Getting a better night’s sleep: A key to a good day is a good night’s sleep

The things you do that mess you up: How some things we think help are actually part of the problem

What about sex: Plan some adult time back into your life

How to fix almost everything: Learn a 4 steps approach to tackle the problems that life throws at us.

Course 3: You Time - Click to Dropdown
Do a WOW walk – The World’s an amazing place – look at it with fresh eyes today

Take a mindful moment – Helping create an oasis of peace in your life

10 things you do can to feel happier straight away – 10 small steps to feeling fitter and happier

Be kind to yourself – It’s so easy to be mean to ourselves, learn how to do the opposite

Be thankful – Remind yourself of what makes you smile

Get moving – Release those feel good hormones

Help someone out – Who will you help to make them and you feel happier?

Get the rhythm – Music cheers you up, so why suffer in silence?

Tension control training – A way to relax your body and mind

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