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What people say about us…


“..it’s given me confidence to do things, I’m doing the Shine half marathon for Cancer Research.. I don’t think I would have had the confidence to even contemplate it before”.

“Before the course I haven’t had any exercise or go to any gym or any sports centre at all for who knows how many years. …many, many years….but after the class I joined the local sports centre”.

“It’s had a big impact on my work”.

“Overall I still feel really well, it’s probably the best I’ve felt in years… …I think I just feel like a brand new person really”.

“I’m a lot less irritable”.

“I’ve started doing other activities and stuff, trying to get out and meet people and trying and get fitter as well cos that helps you feel better”.


The Course

“I think overall I think everyone should do a bit of living life to the full”.

“’10 thing to do to make yourself feel better’, I mean I take quite a lot of stuff from that, I make sure I have bananas every day, getting out and doing the walking”.

 “I have told other people about it as well you know friends you know who are trying you know to improve their self-esteem and depression you know I have told them about it”.

“When you commit something to paper that makes it real and you kind of have to do it don’t you”.

“A wee plan to stick to everyday it sort of gives you something to focus on”.

The Books / Worksheets

“Great to understand, really helpful, really good quality, you know..They laid everything out in simple terms…They broke everything down.

“I think I have something that is easy to understand… it is short words it’s not big long medical explanations because when you are not well with depression your ability to understand stuff just goes right out the window”.

“It’s in that ‘I’m not good enough’ was the book that was the turning point for me I think.  It really made a difference to how I saw myself and how I thought about myself”.

“I was really impressed by the materials and how easy they were to use and how much I got out of them compared to the CBT that I got before”.

“Why do I feel so bad’ one was quite useful cos it kind of helps me look at where my negative thinking was happening and then I could go ‘hang on a minute that’s negative thought’ and I could kind of work on it from there”.

’10 things to make you feel happier straight away’ is always quite useful because if I feel, feel a bit glum in the morning I’ll go and have a look at that and go ‘this is what I’m gonna do today to make myself feel a bit better’ .

“I’ve got them up on my book shelf and if I feel a bit down I go and refer to them”.

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