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Little CBT books: Housing workers

Little CBT books: Housing workers

Practitioner  Safe Inside Safe Outside SISO Housing worker Project Manager based in Leicester UK
Setting UK City Based
Population MH Service Users – 8000. age 18–65,experiencing low mood./anxiety
Five areas intervention being delivered Safe Inside-Safe Outside (SISO) Team made up of MH service users have used the ‘Little Booklets’ series as a self help peer support section of the SISO for Wellbeing Toolkit. The SISO Team are also currently delivering workshops across the East Midlands & South East to other Mental Health service users & Mental Health Support staff and  services who will all receive a SISO for Wellbeing Toolkit & an overview of how to use/get the best out of the little booklets allied to the information on the Five Areas/CBT overview & national IAPT programme picture for service users & MH support managers & staff to use & incorporate into their lives/practice.
How did you match what was offered to meet the person’s needs? By giving a comprehensive overview & context of  IAPT/CBT & Five Areas allied to a full range of Little Booklets & self help guide (contained in the Techniques for Raising Energies & Lifting Spirits Section of the ‘SISO for Wellbeing Toolkit’- Also contains signposting links to Five Areas websites & materials.
Who is supporting/ delivering this work? Mental Health Service Users in a  peer support capacity – and mental health  practitioners and support workers via the SISO for Wellbeing Toolkit
How did you introduce the approach? By putting the national picture into context (the resources & guidance were identified by the SISO Team of mental health service users as an important tool & component in their own recovery journey via the 2 year D of H funded Recovery-In-Action Programme- SISO is now moving towards the creation of its own Social Enterprise)
What has gone well? The adaptability of the five areas resources as self help tools & subsequent website materials- helping to break the cycle of unhelpful thinking & ensuring everyone from service users to staff understand the national context of IAPT & CBT, with the Five Areas & associated materials acting as a conduit to this. Overall it is assisting people to reclaim their lives & make the recovery journey a reality by making long standing problems manageable.


What hasn’t gone so well? Occasionally we have had some resistance from ‘Long standing professionals’ who are entrenched in a different era of practice, trying to open their minds up has on occasions been challenging.


What problems were there – and how have you worked to overcome any problems? See above- By giving taster exercises and hearing from service users the help it has given them in their own recovery journey. Encouraging them to read the section around IAPT/CBT and Five Areas- always being accessible to offer support & guidance to any questions given.



What have you learned from working in this way? That it is empowering & offers real solutions in a self management style & non clinical language which real people understand & relate to. It offers quick & meaningful solutions for longstanding problems & issues for people.


What’s been the overall impact? Prevention of small problems becoming oversized & unmanageable. It also makes prevention in a more general sense a real possibility as it breaks that painful cycle of unhelpful thinking.


What is the single greatest benefit? Empowerment, self management and a genuine understanding of how and why we think and process information in the way that we do. It really assists people in getting to know their selves better and give recognition and solutions to the problems or inequalities in their lives which continues to hold them back.
Any hints and tips for others? The five areas work really allows people to examine and break down a problem or difficulty in a panoramic way which ensures that problems which affect life and behaviour are manageable and  can be small part of life rather than the very definition of who you are as a person.
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Any other comments? Only that this work will go from strength to strength and assist many others in becoming more independent and in control of the issues which continue to hold them back, regardless of what situation or background you are from.


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