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24 Hours To Get A Job That Fires You Up

jobThe less we do, the worse we feel. The worse we feel, the less we do.

Being out of work is bad for people, their families and friends. It saps energy, grinds people down, causes frustrations and damages self-confidence.

The longer out of work, the harder it is ever work again. This book provides solutions – and gives fresh hope. Based on the evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach, and written in the same style as the other little CBT life skills books,
“24 hours to get a job that fires you up” provides an empowering, practical and easy to implement course that aims to help readers not only get any job- but to work towards getting one that enthuses them too.

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I Can't Be Bothered Doing Anything

cantbebothered– Too tired to do things?
– So fed up you can’t be bothered?
– Staying in bed all day?

Both low mood and high stress levels can cause us to stop doing lots of things we usually would do. The problem is this quickly becomes part of the problem.

All of these are common results of this sort of vicious circle. Learn more about this circle and the key steps needed to get out of it.

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I'm Not Good Enough
notgoodenoughWhen you believe you’re no good, you start to behave as if it’s true – hiding away, not trying new things, keeping quiet about what you want, apologising all the time, not bothering to look after yourself. All of which means you don’t live or enjoy your life as much as you could.
But you can change. This book contains an easy plan for replacing bad ideas (like ‘I’m no good’) with much more sensible ones (like ‘I’m alright really’).
Why Does Everything Always Go Wrong?

gowrongThis little booklet powerfully shows us how upsetting thoughts can powerfully affect how we feel and what we do.
– Feeling pushed around by your worries?
– Do you dislike yourself?
– Thinking that nothing ever goes right?
– Worried that no-one likes you?

If so, then this booklet is for you. It will help you:
– stop, think and reflect on your thoughts
– deal with bad thoughts
– become more compassionate to yourself.

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